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01 April 2012 @ 04:43 pm

I've had these Queen Bee babies sitting around in my Sim Bin since, um, last August? Yeah, that sounds about right. But sharing is caring!

Our sperm donor this time around is doylelegacy's Simon Dorsey. Who doesn't waste any time.
SIMON: So, you and me are going to be making babies, hey? Let's get this show on the road.

HAVEN: You do know that it's just a scientific process, right? Mixing your sperm and my egg in a lab or something? I don't actually get pregnant or anything.

SIMON: You mean to tell me that we don't sleep together?

SIMON: Well, this just took an interesting turn . . .

SIMON: How about now? I've popped my shirt off and everything!

. . .

And KIDS! This time there are eight sims up for download because I guess I got triplets on the last birth? Which was probably due to me accidentally pressing "3" when asked for the number of children, but I like to think it's my game trolling me. Because, well, sounds legit, actually. ANYWAY.

- All sims are in .sim format so just drop them into your Saved Sims folder and you'll be good to go.
- Everyone is pictured without any makeup - without any CC other than hair, skintone, default eyes, and perhaps their clothing, actually.
- Speaking of default eyes, I'm using Shady's Multicolor eyes. But only Meera is showing up with those eyes as an adult because my game decided to be weird and override my defaults with some other eyes that I have not yet found. Fear not, they should all show up with your defaults though!
- I do have some facial sliders in my game, namely the Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4 of MTS). I can't guarantee that Simon isn't using any different sliders as well, but as long as you don't change their faces in CAS, they should appear as they are now, whether you have sliders or not.
- I also have ear sliders, namely CmarNYC's Pointed ears as CAS sliders, in my game, which I don't think were used in this batch, but am linking just to be safe.
- I am currently using this default skintone. The freckled skin is Miss Skitty's Freckle Madness.
- All sims do come with five traits, but as they were chosen pretty much at random, I'm not going to bother copying them down here. If anyone would like me to do so, that's easily rectified so please let me know!

And onto the sims!

Arianne Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

Beric Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

Brienne Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

Catelyn Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

Cersei Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

Davos Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

Lyanna Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

Meera Bumble-Dorsey
box.net | mediafire

They're all yours to do what you want with them. Unless what you want to do is claim them as your own or change their facial structures. That's a no go. Anything else is fair game. And again, I apologize for the weird eyes on everyone's adult picture except Meera's April Fool's, from my game! -_- . . . Enjoy!
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