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08 July 2012 @ 02:04 pm

It has been too long, once again! And would be even longer if I tried to track down all the pictures of our lovely queen bee, Haven, meeting the equally lovely Podrick Spreitler by the even lovelier siouxpergirl. Because those pictures are probably on the computer that is not plugged on and does not currently have a mouse or keyboard. I'm also not doing pictures of the children as, well, children for the same reason. But have a picture of shirtless Pod to make up for it!


But yes, Pod is our donor this go-around. Just look at his perfection! Seriously, look at him, I'll wait.


Okay, so let's get onto what you're all here for: THE SPAWN. But first, you know what's coming: a venerable wall of text.

- All sims are in .sim format so just drop them into your Saved Sims folder and you'll be good to go. Any of their CC that you have will show up on them, but they don't come packaged with any CC.
- Everyone is pictured without any makeup, yay.
- I'm using Shady's Multicolor eyes for my default eyes. And since none of these kids got Pod's alien eyes (BOO), you don't have to worry about those.
- I do have some facial sliders in my game, namely the Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4 of MTS). If you don't have them, the sims should show up as if they do unless you edit their features. Which you shouldn't be doing anyway, so no worries.
- I also have ear sliders, namely CmarNYC's Pointed ears as CAS sliders, which were 100% used here. Also used here would be TumTum's chin sliders and possibly some lip sliders from aWT.
- I am currently using this default skintone. Haven's freckled skin is Miss Skitty's Freckle Madness.
- All sims do come with five traits, but as they were chosen pretty much at random, I'm not going to bother copying them down here. If anyone would like me to do so, that's easily rectified so please let me know!


Adam Bumble-Spreitler
box.net | mediafire


Calla Bumble-Spreitler
box.net | mediafire


Jacinda Bumble-Spreitler
box.net | mediafire


Karou Bumble-Spreitler
box.net | mediafire


Lola Bumble-Spreitler
box.net | mediafire


Saba Bumble-Spreitler
box.net | mediafire

Please do not claim them as your own or modify their facial structure. Otherwise, go nuts! Enjoy 'em!
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