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PREVIOUSLY, Aria met Andrew Snyder (samannah), which made both Silas (sixamsims) and Noro very happy, albeit for different reasons. Liam (kittehbomb) passed away, leaving the household in utter misery. A light appeared at the end of the tunnel of despair, however, as Noro proposed to Andrew - and he accepted!

GUERNICA: Oh, the horror! I think I may join my brother on the floor in a hunger strike!
You two are idiots, you know that, right? Especially you, Guernica. STOP STARVING AND EAT SOME DAMN LEFTOVERS, GIRL.

Even Emma Kate and Sunday know how to feed themselves, for crying out loud!
Wait. Dolls =/= food. Parents, oh parents, wherefore art thou?

Should've guessed. All of Glory and Silas' wants that relate to one another are, and I kid you not, "Woohoo with Glory/Silas!"

Thank God for Aria, seriously. She is somehow way behind Liam in age - Aria, never leave me.

I see you two have moved on to . . . more productive things?
DEGAUSSER: Lifetime want, here I come!
GUERNICA: I want on the trampoline - MOVE.

Yes, you look like you're really enjoying yourself, Guernica. Good thing you forced Degausser out of the way to partake in such a fun activity!

I got Noro a drafting table, and plopped it into the unfinished open space/gym. Totally fascinating, amirite?

Know what is fascinating?



Luca and Alice (gringotts)!

. . . in totally appropriate fashion, I might add.

Ezra! I can see why Tautou had a fling with him - they have so much in common, laughing at Archer and all.

Log- wait, what?

Much better. Logan!

And the Crescendo family's personal stalker paparazzo. GO HOME. You weren't invited, so GO HOME.
Invited to what, you ask? Why, Noro's wedding, of course! An event that her household family members don't seem too keen on attending . . .

SILAS: Hmm, could this be where the music is coming from?
You mean the stereo you keep turning on to dance to? That one?
SILAS: Oh, stereo, you sly little scamp!

Degausser is equally as busy with equally as important a task: an essay about the Loch Ness monster.

As utterly important and vital as those things are, WEDDING, GUYS. Let's get back to that.

So fierce. ♥
should've triple-heired

But this is what the wedding is really about: Noro and Andrew and their everlasting cuteness.

Well, them, and socializing.
ARIA: You're almost a superstar now, your star is shining - in fact, your star is shining so bright, it's so much bigger than that. You shine like the moon!
LUCA: Whoa, Mom, I wouldn't go that far!
TAUTOU: Oh, I KNOW she didn't just say that . . .
Calm down, Tautou. Reel in that rage.

DEGAUSSER: Hi. You're pretty.
LAINEY: Um, thanks?
I think Lainey is a bit taken aback by your lack of social skills abruptness there, Degausser.

GLORY: Check out Degausser crashing and burning. He may look like you, but he'll never get the girl.
I would be arghing at the gossip and discord but . . . Glory and Logan. ♥

These attentive faces - and in the case of Aria, on the verge of happy tears - can only mean one thing.

I'm excusing Glory's bored face of judgment back there because Noro spent Glory's wedding ceremony fishing. I feel this evens itself out.

Between the butterflies and Noro's expression, omg, kill me with cute, why don't you?

~official picture~ Welcome to the family, Andrew! Taste the happy!


. . . But not for too long, mind. Tautou Crescendo, delicate little flower of love.

GLORY: Okay, Jude, what was it you wanted to talk about?
JUDE: Umm . . .

GLORY: If you're not going to tell me anything, then I've got something to tell you: Degausser tried to hit on an older woman, and she was not having it. Unrequited crushes are hilarious!
I prefer requited ones, tbh.

Like this one.
NORO: Oh, look at my non-existent ring! Isn't it just gorgeous?

Noro Crescendo: Ninja Bride.

All these two do is heartfart over each other, I swear. They are sickeningly sweet. ♥

The next day progressed normally:

Again, I don't know what I'd do without Aria. NEVER DIE BB.

Okay, so this? Not quite so normal. Degausser froze in midair on the trampoline for a while.

I think it was a bit painful when he finally came crashing down.
DEGAUSSER: My back . . .

Hot tubs are good for sore backs, right?
DEGAUSSER: Look! Bubbles.
GUERNICA: Shut up and relax.

SILAS: I don't think this blasted machine is working. There're no ghosts anywhere.

Um, I think the family may have found the ghost. May have.

Glory spends her time inching her level 9 logic skill up by discovering stars and giving them awesome names. Because I think it's really witty to name stars after stars-as-in-celebrities.
No, that's a lie, I think it's really hilarious when Sims are in conversation and have the option to "Talk About Leonardo DiCaprio," or "Talk About Mark Wahlberg," which was the star Logan discovered. Glory discovered a moon. Its name is Jason Bateman.


Thank you, default easel replacements! This is a masterpiece. This is not.

So I was helping Silas with his ghost hunting skillz, and clicked through everyone to check on them. Apparently Andrew autonomously decided to woohoo with Noro. ~consummate the marriage~

SILAS: Honey, I'm home!

This is the face of seduction.

SILAS: Yeah, I'm dead tired, what of it? Wearing my sunglasses and Ghostbusters uniform, tired as all hell, and still going to get some.

Yeah, you are!

This is a random picture of Noro changing which serves absolutely no purpose except I thought the cyclone effect look when changing looked neat. And I was pretty proud to have captured it, tbh.
Besides, I appreciate it a lot more than the next picture.

You have GOT to be kidding me.
The results of autonomous woohoo, everybody. Not risky woohoo, not try for baby, just plain ol' woohoo. *headdesk*

Okay, maybe it does a little.

Oblig "about to pop" face.

NORO: I think I may be pregnant . . .
Observant, this one. Although I don't blame her for pondering this development - I was also unaware that regular woohoo can cause pregnancy, although Googling this tells me that it is most likely a glitch. THANKS, GAME.

As much as I wanted to wait until Degausser, Guernica, and Carolina were moved out, I have no doubt that Noro is a great mother. Well, or aunt, as this case may be.

I realized that I had a deficit of pictures of Noro with her actual daughter. See, she does love Remember!

Noro continues to be very Aria-like in her pregnancies. ♥

I feel like there should be a obvious joke in here somewhere . . . Give me jokes for the cop, the ghostbuster, and the chessboard. GO!

While her husband was partaking in *insert joke here* with Andrew, Glory was down at the courthouse clearing up a rumor about herself. I don't remember what the rumor was, but clearly it wasn't true, as she won her lawsuit. Take that, libelous bitches!
And yes, that is Jude going into the courthouse behind her. Jude, if you started this rumor and are now answering a summons . . .

That smirk compels me to post ghosthunter spam every update. My apologies.

With Silas at work and therefore unable to celebrate Glory's courthouse win, she took to celebrating by herself.

As for the guitar, I see your value now. /Jeff Winger

NORO: Aprons. So hot right now.

GLORY: My feet are pretty cute, right?
ANDREW: Yep! As far as feet go, adorable!

GLORY: Hmm, but at the end of the day, they are just feet.
ANDREW: They're good feet.

Guernica and Carolina decided to do their homework next to the hot tub while Glory and Andrew were in it. Apparently they think their sister and their other sister's husband need supervision.

No need to worry though: they're partners at work, and are therefore best friends. Between Glory's constant "Woohoo with Silas" wants and Andrew's all Noro, all the time wants, they wouldn't have time to want each other anyway.

Well, that's not a relaxed face. Time for her husband to stop relaxing in the hot tub and see the product of his devious work.

Like the family's paparazzi stalker, I too was eagerly waiting outside the hospital to see what horror my game was going to release upon me.
Show off what we got, Aria!

A single boy, Ares.
ARIA: Oh, I haven't been able to focus on just one baby in so long!

I wasn't going to gif-spam this birth, but between it being a single birth, a boy, and Friday Night Lights ending a few days ago, I felt this was appropriate. ♥

With only one new addition to the family, life around the Crescendo house barely changed at all.

We still have never-ending stupidity in routing. I can guarantee you that Carolina is by no means in your way, or even anywhere near you, Guernica. How can I guarantee this?

Because she is telling a dramatic story to Degausser inside.
CAROLINA: And like, oh em gee, he was like, "You are like, totally identical to your sister but a ranga," and I was like, "oh my God, I'm totally hotter than she is!"

She totally is.
Now, which side of Carolina do you think Degausser bonded with the most, the ~dramatic~ story-teller or the total dweeb?

If you picked "total dweeb," then four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!

Forget the CAS welcome to the family! shot, this is the official Crescendo shot.

Glory, meanwhile, is dreaming of . . . yetis? Because they are . . . terrifying?

There, playing video games with her bff. That's more like it.

Aria, on the other hand, is totally not reading the recipe for Ambrosia. Nope, not at all. *is innocent*

Let's move away from Aria not learning ambrosia, and hey, this can only mean one thing, right?

DEGAUSSER: A birthday! What to wish for, what to wish for . . .

I hope you wished to move out of the house bb, because that one will come true.

GUERNICA: Hmm, I wish for revenge for being called stupid when Carolina was clearly in my way.



I think they're echoing the same sort of sentiments inside.

GUERNICA: Oh, no, fire. Woe.

DEGAUSSER: Um, hey, I need a makeover over here, and I'm really tired. Get on that!
Fire > legacy hair in my priorities, unfortunately. Barely, but still.

DEGAUSSER: Well, fine then, if it'll get me a makeover quicker . . .
O_o I forgot about that brave trait!

So, Andrew. Not doing too well. /understatement


Oh, thank God.

CAROLINA: My turn for a wish. I deserved all three wishes, really-
Make your wish and get on with it.

Degausser is super-excited about Carolina aging up.

Maybe because he suspected she'd be joining him in legacy hair-dom?

Makeover time!

Degausser rolled disciplined, WHICH MAY FINALLY HELP HIM WORK ON HIS LTW, THANK YOU. Still a Logan clone if not for the eyes therefore still adorable.

Guernica decided to carry on her father's legacy and rolled absent-minded. Between her childish trait and her LTW, I'm going to hazard a guess that she'll be writing and illustrating children's books. Definitely. In other notes, she's very pretty, as I completely expected.

And Carolina! Who is totally hot, Glory-clone that she is. And who has an array of traits that I absolutely ADORE. I'm not sure where that LTW came in, though . . .

For being born solely to satisfy a whack of Aria's wants, I really do like this last set of triplets. GORGEOUS. ♥

In the opposite corner of the house, we have Remember. Complaining how sleepy she is. In her crib. If you're not going to take the initiative to lie down and go to sleep, I'm not sure I can help you, bb.
Short from Max Motive-ing her, which is what I had to do.

There is a lot of woohoo in this house right now. I feel like I did good by the girls in finding their husbands, really.

DEGAUSSER: I have tackled the bottle-feeding, now you are my next opponent . . . xylophone.

Hey, look, more birthdays! AND NO CAKE THIS TIME.



Might as well continue the trend . . . Stunning.

Zeph rolled shy. AND BEING A TOTAL CUTIE.

Sunday's new trait may be inappropriate but her cuteness is not. She's basically a female Zeph, which can't be a bad thing.

And the now lucky Emma Kate! Lucky that she's so cute, for sure.

NEXT TIME, birthdays for Remember and Ares! And moving out for Degausser, Guernica, and Carolina! But fear not, neither the number of occupants in this house nor its infant quota will suffer for too long, I'm sure.

As always, I'll be adding Degausser, Guernica, and Carolina to the download a Crescendo post shortly. It may not be until tomorrow, but the end of the generation two downloads is nigh!
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