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crescendo 2.9 part one

PREVIOUSLY, Silas (sixamsims) rolled the want to hire a butler . . . and then do so much more than just hire said butler. The butler, however, only cared about making GOOPY CARBONARA GOOPY CARBONARA GOOPY CARBONARA, the amount of which was made directly corresponded with how likely I was to fire said butler. Glory aged up to an adult, and had a pretty rockin' birthday party by all accounts. Unless you were Carolina, I suppose. Noro became pregnant because all Andrew (samannah) could ever think about was kids, kids, and more kids, and then Glory also got pregnant because, well, at this point, why not? So welcome to the family, Luno and Cain! A warm welcome was also given to teens (Zephyrus, Sunday, Emma Kate, and Remember) and children (Ares, Biko, and Chance). And finally, Aria had a little WTF moment with the ghost of her late husband. Good times.

LOGAN: Heeeeey, Noro. What are you doing here? Not here to give me another make-over, I hope, because I'm still not sure I'm feeling this one.
NORO: One, you were the one who wanted a makeover, and two, I'm not here for you, I'm here to help one of your daughters.
LOGAN: Oh, thank God. Lena needs all the help she can get.

Yes. Yes, she does. Sadly, Noro was called to give Alexis a makeover.

Sweet, friendly, cheerful little Alexis. Who apparently wanted a "rebel" makeover. Whatever you say, game.

Rebellious!Alexis with her subtle facial piercings there. Very hardcore.

FRANCOIS: Alexis is going through a rebel phase now? Ugh, wake me when we grow up.
Your boisterous sisters a bit overwhelming for you there, Francois?

Sunday is yet another relative unimpressed with the town's newest "rebel."
SUNDAY: Oh, piercings? YAWN. You think that makes you cool enough to come out clubbing with us?
ALEXIS: . . . Let's just get inside the damn club.

I don't know, I'm pretty sure I could fit a few more underaged teens into an elevator.

Sunday makes a beeline to the bar.
SUNDAY: Ah, yes. This is where I'm meant to be. Excellent.

Oh, you lush.

Everyone else is much more innocent, thankfully.
ALEXIS: Spirit-fingers! Impressive, no?
EMMA KATE: Not particularly, no.


. . . Are you two sure that you're my shy Sims?

EMMA KATE: Sure having a blast.

EMMA KATE: Yep. Awesome.

EMMA KATE: This wall is awesome.
That is some perma-bitchface going on there, Emma Kate.

EMMA KATE: Fine. I'll get rid of the bitchface. But I won't be happy about it.

EMMA KATE: Hey, barkeep, hit me up!

Blondes really do have more fun!

Especially when compared to this.
SUNDAY: Oh my God, my bladder is killing me! I'm going to explode!
REMEMBER: Just pretend you don't know her. Just play it cool.
Sunday did manage to overcome, well, herself and walk the two feet to the bathroom. I'm so proud.

Clearing up the floor for more dancing from my resident dance machines, Re and Zeph!

I could just spam them all night. ♥

Drunkard here has to intrude on the overwhelming adorableness, however.
EMMA KATE: It's cool, guys! I'm all right! It's cool!

Can we move onto some innocence, perhaps? I think this update is sorely needing that.

ARES: Chance, I've got a question. It's a really big question, too, one that I sometimes stay awake at night thinking about.

CHANCE: This sounds kind of lame, but go on.

ARES: How would you define stealing money from the worthy in order to fund your own selfishly ambitious plans: is it awesome or awesome?
CHANCE: Awesome, of course!
ARES: Well-played, dearest sister. Well-played indeed.

You there! Son of Tautou and a townie! You look rather innocent in your dorky haircut!

NORO: I don't think that hairstyle is working for you, Toby. No, you need something that'll compliment the less-than-elegant features you got from your no-good father.

TOBY: Check me out, Aunt Noro! I'm hot and working it! Woo!

TOBY: Yeah, work it!
NORO: Sweet Jesus, what have I done?

Look! Cute! INNOCENCE!

. . . And now back to your regularly scheduled lack of innocence.

This time Jude's daughter Marcie joined her cousins in the outing.
MARCIE: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
SUNDAY: Oh, whatever, you'll have a good time. C'mon, trust a girl who knows how to have a good time.

SUNDAY: Hey, bartender, I'm looking for a good time - bring the good times my way!

Um, Sunday? Have you ever heard the phrase "too much of a good thing?" Because I think you may have hit that limit. And then some.

Oh, good, I'm so glad this is being captured on film for posterity's sake.

EMMA KATE: Sunday's getting a bit out of hand, and I'm worried she's going to ruin this for all of us. I mean, imagine if she gets her paper in the tabloids, a picture of her with a whole tray of drinks! She has a whole tray of drinks for herself, for God's sake!

ALEXIS: Yeah, that does seem to be overkill.

ALEXIS: Wait, a picture in the tabloids? Come on, how funny would that be?
EMMA KATE: Well, I suppose she's only screwing herself in the end!
So much compassion, girls.

At least it put a smile on Emma Kate's face.

She's got nothing on Re and Zeph in terms of dance moves, though. Not many do, I'd imagine.

Well, Dukie does, that's for sure. ♥

The party was cut short by the curfew police outside. I WONDER WHO COULD HAVE ALERTED THE POLICE, HMMMM.
TAUTOU: Damn kids and their all-night dance parties. Not on my watch!
Pleasant as ever, I see.

Oh, ffs, didn't we go through this last time?

SUNDAY: HOSHIT. This won't be easy to conceal . . .

SUNDAY: It's okay, just shake it off, shake it off . . .
Must we use that phrase so literally?

ZEPHYRUS: You know, Grandma, I've been thinking that I want to get my name out there, be known. You ascended to political office in record time, right?
ARIA: I did, thank you.
ZEPHYRUS: Okay, then what kind of advice could you give me? Politics aren't my thing, but you're known, which is what I want to be.

ARIA: To start, don't go out to those shady clubs. What would people think of you if you were to be caught there? It's disgraceful, Zephyrus.
ZEPHYRUS: *chokes* I . . . don't know what you're talking about.
ARIA: Right. Well, then homework. Your homework's important for any path you go down.

Remember and her mother were also bonding over common interests.

Remember is so fierce, is she not?

ARES: Oh, obvious discord in the family. My work here is done.
Your work? You didn't do anything!

He had to rush off to autonomously play with the dollhouse. Ladies and gents, my evil, mean-spirited boy! I'm shaking in my metaphorical boots right now, let me tell you.

Re is a bucket of shyness after her bout of fierceness.
REMEMBER: That was kind of fun, y'know.


ANDREW: Um, something's happening to me . . .
I'm really, really bad at remembering birthdays. I get the pop-up in the morning, but by evening, that's just not in the forefront of my mind. Oh well.

ANDREW: Looking good, as per usual.
Escaped the legacy hair, I see. XD

. . . I may have spoken too soon.

As with Liam, senility seems to have hit Andrew a tad early. Those green fumes there? Not coming off of Andrew, but off of the waffles he is so enjoying. Oh, Andrew. It's a good thing you're adorable.

Speaking of adorable, here's Degausser!
DEGAUSSER: That's right, GHOST, stare me down. Sense what's coming, do you, GHOST? Oh, brother-in-law!

Yes, Degausser, let Silas deal with the ghost while perhaps you deal with the babies on the floor on the next room? Mind you, they're not his babies, they're Carolina's, and yes, one of them is blue.

I'm only mildly familiar with Carolina's baby-daddy from the time he was lurking outside of the Crescendo house.
MATTHEW PANDORA: I should go introduce myself to the family, make sure we have their blessing. Yes, that's what I should do. But looking in there, they all look so busy, and I wouldn't want to bother them, wouldn't want to intrude on their family time . . . No, I think I'll leave it for now.
I can't say I blame him for being intimidated, honestly.

Speaking of intimidating . . .
ARES: Fine. I'll teleport to school but I'm not going to like it.

WAS THIS ARES' DOING? I BET IT WAS. Regardless, better fix it fast to the kids can get to school early enough to beat the mob that stands around outside, blocking everyone from going in.

I mean, how else would Ares get inside the school in time to bring home his cousin Michaela to plot with him?
ARES: Michaela, I've come to a place in my plans that I need to ask for your help. I feel like I've done much around the house to dissuade any suspicion about my true intentions, but I need some funding to further my plans now.

ARES: I don't want to beg, I find it rather unbecoming, but I think you'd find it in your best interests to act as my evil benefactor for the time being.

MICHAELA: A benefactor? Thanks, but no thanks. Who says I don't have any plans of my own that need to be financed? Besides, I'd prefer to back plans that don't run the risk of being prematurely ended by an intimidating martial artist who fights for good. Your half-sister is too much a risk, Ares.

Speaking of the risky, intimidating half-sister, Re is busy upping her intimidation levels by taking on Sunday.

Hey, when she's not drinking herself into a stupor and wetting herself, Sunday can be pretty intimidating too!

You know, despite the polar opposite personalities, the kids autonomously get along quite well. It's almost disheartening how functional they are together.
I'm sure it won't last.

Biko, good-hearted, quiet little Biko, is the only one that failed to join his siblings and cousins for dinner.
BIKO: Hey, you gotta take advantage of a free trampoline when you can!

Biko's father is not having nearly so much of a good time with his own physical activity upstairs. Hey, he's the one that wanted to leave his police job to join the athletic career. This is not on me.

With Andrew just loving his new sports career, he's not around to protect Glory from her vampire stalker who always waits for her outside her work. Curious at this rogue who kept giving her the "hunted" moodlet, I went to take a peek. Needless to say, I was less than intimidated.

New vampire Guernica is much more intimidating. She looks more like zombie!Guernica than anything, really.
vampire zombie!Guernica: Braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnns.

Andrew is terrified upon hearing about his sister-in-law's transformation.
ANDREW: Sweet Jesus, what if she comes after me? Oh, think of the children!

Speaking both of children and of intimidating family members, have you met Rylan, Andrew? He's Michaela's twin brother and he seems like a real treat.
RYLAN: Muahahahaha, I have infiltrated the ninja fortress. I am within their lair!

RYLAN: Soon all of their riches will be mine!


RYLAN: C'mon y'all, I'm awesome, right?

Ares is not worried in the slightest about being out-evilled.

CHANCE: . . . I have got to step up my evil. My diamond-stealing plot can't compete with this!

I think Chance may have more pressing matters to worry about. Like the fact that she can't make it the two feet to her bed. Priorities, my dear!

Glory has priorities, such as using her daily chat session with Luca to ask her brother pick up his demon spawn.

This is the scene at Luca's humble abode.
RYLAN: I will destroy you all with my missile! Muahahaha!

MICHAELA: Muahahahaha, indeed.

ZACHARY: *judges his siblings*

Biko had decided to tag along with his cousins' house, where he was promptly tested by Rylan and Michaela to see if he was worthy of their friendship.
RYLAN: So, cousin, if you were tasked to go about stealing a large amount of money, how would you go about it? Think carefully, cousin, as you only get one chance to answer this.

BIKO: Well, to start, I would totally wear a mask! Masks are so in right now, hiding your face and making you look mysterious, which is so hot right now. Masks are where it's at!

BIKO: What? Masks are awesome, don't judge.
MICHAELA: This dweeb will be the death of us.

MICHAELA: It is just baffling - baffling! - how bad his evil plans are.
That is some slack-jawed action there, Michaela.

Biko further attempts to charm his evil cousins in ways unfamiliar to them.

It seems to have an effect on Rylan, at least.

MICHAELA: Amateurs. I am surrounded by amateurs.

Meanwhile, across town . . .

NOAH: That kid's going to launch his missile and then what will be left? WHAT WILL BE LEFT, I ASK YOU?
NORO: . . . I need a drink.

Hey! Look! The update's not over! There are plenty of birthdays to be had over in PART TWO of this update! You wouldn't want to miss nonstop birthdays, would you?
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