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PREVIOUSLY, Glory, Daisy, and Jude aged up into teenagers, becoming gorgeous, bitchier, and well-balanced, respectively. The second set of triplets, Noro, Tautou, and Archer, aged into children who either tried to rebel (Noro and Archer) or whined and then sucked up to their mother (Tautou). Aria got pregnant to fulfill her want of having ten children (!!!), and she went into labor at the exact same moment that Liam began aging up.

One last shot of young, hot Liam . . .

LIAM: What the fuck is this?!

Elder portrait. Yes, he gets to keep the hair. Yes, Luca will probably keep it for life too, if I have any say in it.

Meanwhile . . .

Whoever said blondes are dumb? Mine seem pretty intuitive.
GLORY: What, more children? Whhhhhyyyyy?!
Because I am insane.

Protesting the fact that Aria is single-handedly overpopulating the town? Valid, but she's the Leader of the Free World. Are you sure that's wise to be booing her?

Boy. Girl. Pink blob in the crib in the background. Sounds about normal.
Sure you are; you've gone through triplets twice before.

I finally sorted through my cc to fix my infants, ~celebrate. So of course the game rewarded me by putting that to use. So we have Degausser, Guernica, and Carolina. Sigh. The last two sets were because I had forgot that I had been testing a mod that ups the chances of twins and triplets. This set was because I am meant to suffer, clearly. Moving on . . .

Logan and Jude display what was pretty much my emotional range upon seeing that I'm dealing with triplets again.
LOGAN: You have got to be kidding me. I hate my life.
JUDE: *weary sigh*
Pretty much, boys.

I Some of the kids needed to get out of the house. So the three athletic kids went to the pool. Relaxing AND productive.

Okay, so maybe not so relaxing.
At least you're happy. Your sisters don't seem to care.

And now I'M happy too! Well done, Luca! Final trait: adventurous. Final consensus: Rowr.

Immediately upon arriving back home, Luca makes his intentions quite clear.

LUCA: Okay, I'm out.
Yeah, not so much.
P.S. Dear Tautou, Noro is nowhere near you. Nor is she blocking the fridge, which is what I'm assuming you're trying to get to. Try turning around. Love, kittenmittons.

GLORY: I hear something in the distance . . .
Don't worry, Luca's on it.

LUCA: Please, please, please let me leave.
Sorry, darling. Not happening.
LUCA: Please? I'm not cut out for this.

JUDE: Quick, Archer, if we're eating, then we can't babysit.
Oh, your turns will come eventually. Don't you worry about it.

See, even Daisy gets a turn.
DAISY: God-fucking-damn, I hate my life.
Not as much as Luca, who is apparently on infant duty AGAIN.
DAISY: BRB, going to drown a baby.

This is Glory's favorite autonomous activity, which you would think means that she gets to be quite good at it. Not really because I always cancel the action as soon as I notice it. I mean, the house is loud enough as it is, and besides, it won't even contribute to her LTW! Find something better to do, Glory!

All by myself . . . Don't wanna be-
LOGAN: No, I'm good out here.
Oh. Okay. And you're standing in the teleportation pad why, exactly?
LOGAN: In case I need to make a quick getaway.
Hmm, fair enough. Carry on.

But really, inside isn't so bad right now. CASE IN POINT:

. . . I have triplets that get along. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.

LIAM: Hey, baby. What say we take this to the bedroom?

I have to say, these three really are consistent with their personalities. Jude is just kind of in the background, doing his whole thing, while Daisy is constantly being heinous plotting and Glory is constantly stealing my heart pulling faces.

Logan finally decided to chance going inside, and made a beeline for his bed. How long WERE you outside?

His nap was short-lived, however.

Um . . .

Much better! Logan rolled the genius trait for his final trait. He wants to reach the top of the medical career, if I didn't mention that before. And I think that he is absolutely adorable. Like, ridiculously so. THAT NOSE!

Like with Glory, growing up to steal my heart proves to be an arduous task.

Speaking of Glory stealing my heart,

Work it, girl. P.S. Check out that crowd - they know to stand back for their goddess, Glory Crescendo.

FIERCE. Yes, it's a pouty face - still fierce.

JUDE: Okay, prepare yourself for baby duty, Jude. Get ready for it, stretttttcccccchhhh.
Good for you, honey, Daisy, WTF?

DAISY: Yes, prepare yourself for baby duty for the LAST TIME.

JUDE:. . . I think I'd rather have baby duty.
Let's compare the look of contentment on Daisy's face here to her look of PURE EVIL when she was around the babies. Yeah, no, she's not allowed back there just yet. You might as well be productive while you monitor her sanity, Jude!
JUDE: Monitor her sanity? Um, I'm not sure I'm the right person for the job-
Compared to this whole family, you're relatively well-adjusted. Compared to Daisy, you're a flat-out saint. Deal with it.

Jesus, nobody is forcing you two to play in the babies' room. Quit your whining or leave the room.

Leaving the room to have a friendly chat with your mother = good!

Leaving the room to become enemies with your demon of an older sister = fair enough. I really should've seen this coming. Archer is insane, and Daisy is insanely horrible.

Let's see how we do with the next set, as I now have toddlers! Again. Some more.

Cute! Do I spot a mini-Luca in the making? His features do seem to be the right size and in the right place to follow the Luca/Glory/Tautou sort of facial mould . . . This, I assure you, is not a bad thing. Also, likes: key lime pie and kids music. Fitting!

The exact same face as Degausser, to be honest. Just paler, Aria's eye color instead of Liam's, and Aria's gender instead of Liam's. She, like the brother she so emulates, likes key lime pie as well, but instead chooses to emulate ARCHER, of all people, with her like of latin music. Well then.

Okay, Carolina is definitely the mini-Tautou, who, in turn, is a red-headed mini-Glory. So there's hope that Degausser and Guernica, while facially identical so far, will bring a face I haven't seen before to the family. hopehopehope! . . . Not as though these triplets have any chance of being heir, mind you. Anyway! She's a fan of pancakes and, her mother's favorite, Chinese music.

Such an idyllic setting, and with two siblings getting along so well! It's times like these that I really feel like I'm doing something right in the game.
LUCA: Come on, Glory, you rock! Show it who's boss! Let's reach one half of that LTW!
Thanks, Luca, you're a peach. ♥
(Glory's LTW, if I haven't mentioned it, is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body. Fitting, y/y?)

What? No, OF COURSE they're not completely ignoring Daisy in favor of saying complimentary anecdotes to one another! Who do you think Luca and Glory are, best friends with a shared hatred for Daisy?
. . . Oh. Yeah, that's exactly who they are. Ah, well.

This can only mean one thing - MOAR BIRTHDAYS. Oh, and more of Glory looking absolutely adorable and continuing her complete and total conquest of my heart in the process, but you know, same old, same old.

GAH, way too pretty. We've added the photographer's eye trait. And yes, she is facially a clone of Glory, but with the red hair, glossier lips, and smokier eyes, Tautou's made up differently enough from Glory that I'm overtaken with a whole new sense of omgsogorgeous!!!

Oh, hopeless romantic trait? Hahahaha, oh Archer. ♥ Your traits are perfect. It's too bad you're a clone of Daisy. But also: fitting. The token batshit triplet of each set grows up to be identical? AND they both decided to age up in the same spot (that is, ignored behind the table)? All seems well in the world.

Let's quickly assess these girls' personalities: Glory, excited and cheering her sister on; Archer, putting on a game face that causes her to look mildly ridiculous; Tautou, not giving a fuck.
TAUTOU: So over this.
One more, that's it. Just one more birthday today.

NORO: Um, kittenmittons? I'm not so sure about this growing up thing.

Noro, darling, let me tell you: YOU DID GREAT. Green thumb trait, which seems fitting with what she already has, and a similar facial structure to Jude's, but with bigger lips, which are definitely Aria's, despite what the lips of her childhood seemed to suggest. Oh, and an overwhelming abundance of cuteness, if you didn't notice. Which you must've noticed.

Comparison shot with Aria's hair. More Aria than the previous blonde, Glory, is, but at the very least, she has Liam's nose and eye color. ~comparison shot

TAUTOU: I'm over this life thing. Kill me now.
Is that . . . miming shooting yourself in the head?
TAUTOU: Want to see a noose?
Oh, you lovely, maladjusted little creature.

NEXT TIME, we have only one birthday! *dances* And the best friend brigade (Glory and Luca) stays strong, as Tautou grows desperate for friends and Archer gives in to her destiny.

Also, Aria, Luca, and Logan are now up for download right HERE!
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  • . . . and again, some more

    It's getting awkward how often I feel the need to make these sorts of posts. To quote one of my favourite books, "I suck. Suckity suck suck." (Or…

  • p-p-p-pimping;;

    I have a tumblr! A sims tumblr, even! See that fancy new link on the left there? That'll take you directly to it. Or you can also use the link I'm…

  • dear diary;;

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