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PREVIOUSLY, shit son, it's been so long that I don't know what happened! How embarrassing. Okay, Aria made some more moves on Ezra, as one does, while Silas joined Aria the ranks of the elderly. Biko started autonomously being a jerk, which is kind of inevitable when when spends so much time with Ares and Chance. But everyone took a night off from being a jerk (um, to each other, at least) when Sunday, Ares, Biko, Chance, Luno, and Cain had a night out with more than its share of romance. WORK IT, CHILDREN. Oh, and there was that minor thing where Remember decided she wanted to go look for her father. Minor detail. And then Remember won the heir poll, leading me to listen to "I Remember" for the past six weeks straight. That is to say, I listened to what I normally would for the past six weeks straight. BUT YES, UPDATE, LET'S DO THIS.

ZEPHYRUS: So Dad, Re and I have been thinking about, you know, venturing out of the nest, so to speak, and going to Bridgeport for a bit. We thought it might be interesting, the big city life and all. Oh, and Re's dad is living there, as far as we know, so that's another factor.

SILAS: Bridgeport, hey? Well, I can't say it's a bad idea to do a bit of traveling; you're of that age. When are you two planning to leave?
ZEHPYRUS: Well, Re has to talk to Auntie Noro first, find out what she can about her dad and all. But after that, we're heading out!

Remember wasn't too worried about getting on the road.
REMEMBER: I've not a worry in the world!
On the other hand, I am worried about Chance's neck. That just does not look safe to me.

Well, there may have been brain damage, but how can you even tell with this one?

I don't know why they decided to do this in the room that their grandmother was SLEEPING in, but that's what happened.
Aria: These two should be arrested. Lock them up and throw away the key.

REMEMBER: Ohoho, you hit me really hard!

REMEMBER: How dare you stuff your pillow case with rocks?! You are the one thing I will not miss while in Bridgeport!
You should probably get on that whole "going to Bridgeport" thing, yeah? Just a thought.

REMEMBER: Mom, I've got something I need to talk to you about. It's kind of awkward though, so just listen, okay?

REMEMBER: Okay, I've been thinking lately, and I'd really like to meet my father. I just feel like I should meet him at least once - he is my father, after all! The thing is, I don't even know where to start. I know you met him in Bridgeport, but that's really all I have to go on, and that's not a lot. I'm not asking you to explain why you and my father didn't work out or justify why I've never seen him or anything; I don't care so much about that, it's in the past. I just want you to maybe give me a bit more to go on so I can track him down and feel, I don't know, complete. To help me discover this missing piece of myself.

NORO: I, I had no idea you felt that way, Remember. Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. Of course I can help you, I'll help you in any way I can. I haven't been in contact with your father for so long though . . .

NORO: It was just one of those things, I was so young, had just graduated high school and moved to the big city to make it big. I guess I was a little more homesick than I thought I'd be and your father, and Sid, he was so nice to me and just made me feel better, and things got a little carried away between us. And then you came along, and you were just beautiful and perfect and I couldn't imagine raising you there in that bleak city. I wanted to come home, to raise you with your family, and Sid, he had a life there, and we didn't know each other that well, and I couldn't ask him to uproot his life for me. So I left and he stayed there. I don't think we really thought about what sort of effect that would have on you.

NORO: I can't say for sure how you'd be able to find him now, but back then, he was the type that wouldn't want to spend his nights in. He'd go out to bars, not necessarily to dance or to drink himself into a stupor, but just to chill, to get out of the house. There was this one bar in downtown Bridgeport, it was called Eugi's, I remember him quite liking that place. I don't know where his head would be at now, but if he's anything like the Sid I remember, you might be able to run into him at Eugi's.

REMEMBER: Thanks, Mom. It really means a lot to me that you're willing to help me with this.

NORO: Of course, honey. I just want you to be happy. I love you.
REMEMBER: I love you too, Mom.

NORO: My eldest is going out into the world on her own. I need some comforting right now.
And that's a request Andrew is always happy to oblige.

I don't know if I'd call breaking in the new treehouse "comfortable" but hey, whatever floats their boat rocks their treehouse!

And now, with her mother's blessing and her cousin's supportive presence, Re heads off to Bridgeport!

They used their considerable fortune, family name, and Zeph's five-star celebrity status to rent a ballin' house complete with its own Mercedes. Zephyrus isn't used to driving such finery so you'll excuse him for putting his hand through the windshield.

ZEPHYRUS: Re, this bar smells - literally, there is a stench to it. Do you really think this is a place we should check out?
REMEMBER: Well, my mom said that he liked to relax at bars, so I thought it couldn't hurt to check. But if you don't think we should be here, we can just leave. Maybe that's for the better, what if I find him here? Oh no, I don't think I could handle that right now, we should just leave.
ZEPHYRUS: Re. We're here. The point of being here is to find your father so that's what we're going to do. You go get some liquid courage in you, I'm going to go play darts.

And play darts he did.
ZEPHYRUS: Bull's eye.

REMEMBER: Um, hi, yes, bartender? I'd like a drink please.
BARTENDER: A drink, hey? I'll make you the most memorable drink you've ever had, how about that? My whole process is more of an experience, watch and enjoy!

BARTENDER: . . . except that part. That wasn't supposed to happen.
Serves you right, show-off.

CREEPY MUSTACHED GUY: Hey. Hey. Wanna drink? I'll get you a drink. Hey.
REMEMBER: Um, I think I need to leave.

Re decided to cleanse her bar-hopping palate by heading to a classier place next, and it already starts out better with my dearest simmply_anna's Fluffy Mrmpfle chilling in the elevator.

ZEPHYRUS: Yeah, this is more my style!
That is to say, it doesn't smell?

REMEMBER: Okay, Zeph, you sure you want to give this a try?

ZEPHYRUS: Not really, but let's do it anyway.

♥ bubble-bar faces!

Zeph happened to meet a lovely lady on his way to the washroom, and his hopeless romantic trait dictates that lovely ladies trump emptying your bladder every time.

ZEPHYRUS: Did someone light a match because you are hot like fire!

It's a good thing you're cute drop-dead gorgeous, Zeph.

brilliantcat's Savanna Cowell thinks so too.

Boy, does she ever! I'm not too worried about them moving fast - Savanna is wearing a wedding dress, I kind of figured "moving fast" would be her thing.

REMEMBER: They're going hard at the flirting behind me. I need a drink.

Re may need more than one drink, as they moved past the "flirting" and the "behind [her]" thing to "woohooing" and "beside her."


ZEPHYRUS: I met someone last night, Re, and I think she might be amazing.

REMEMBER: Yeah, I saw that you, um, "met someone." In fact, I can't unsee it.

REMEMBER: Not to say it's not awesome that you met someone - yay, you met someone! - but are you sure you're not moving too fast? I mean, it looked like you were moving really fast and I just want the best for you, Zeph, you know that.

ZEPHYRUS: You know, I think we're moving just right. Sure, yeah, it's pretty fast, but when you meet someone you like, you've just got to go for it, right? That's what Grandma always told me, and I think that sounds right to me.
I'm not sure you should be taking notes from the family's other hopeless romantic, Zeph. As well as it worked out between Aria and Liam, it was a process getting them there and Aria's hopeless romantic trait meant she was head over heels despite evidence suggesting the feeling was not originally mutual (two shot down proposals, anyone?). But, as I like to say to Chance, PERSISTENCE IS KEY. Story of this legacy, tbh.

REMEMBER: You think so? Well, I guess if it worked for Grandma, then it must be okay.

REMEMBER: Just don't get in too deep without really knowing her, Zeph. I know you, and that's totally something you would do, so just be careful because Savanna seems like . . . a really nice girl.

ZEPHYRUS: She's right behind me, isn't she?

ZEPHYRUS: Hey, baby.
SAVANNA: Hey yourself.
So much for a one-night stand, Zeph, you stud.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that at least one of these two has a hot tub fetish. Just a guess.

A well-founded guess, really.
ZEPHYRUS: The bubbles do things for me - do they do things for you too?

ZEPHYRUS: She's so beautiful, she could be a part-time model, though she'd probably still have to keep her normal job.

ZEPHYRUS: Hey, I'm going to go make a sandwich, want anything?
SAVANNA: Just an answer to something I was wondering about: How many diamonds would you say the women in your family have? And how easy would it be for you to get them?

ZEPHYRUS: . . . Are you serious right now?
SAVANNA: If only they were blood diamonds, that'd be even more deliciously evil. But I suppose I'll have to settle for having a wonderfully chivalrous man-servant to do my dirty work for me. Wait, what? Yes, of course I'm serious. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all!

ZEPHYRUS: I can't believe this! All this time, I thought, "Hey, here's a beautiful girl I might want to spend the rest of my life with," and you were just using me to get to my family's wealth? That's just great!
SAVANNA: Well, I wouldn't say it was all about your family's wealth . . .

ZEPHYRUS: Is that supposed to make this all okay? Okay, great, so you had a bit of affection for me, I feel so relieved it wasn't all about my family's wealth! No! Still not okay!

SAVANNA: Hold up there for a second, cowboy. I never said anything about having affection for you. You've a pretty face and a hot bod, but the only part of you I had any affection for is your gallantry. You said you'd do anything for me, right? So what's grabbing a diamond or two from your family? It's a win-win situation, you get your hot wife to dote on and I get a man who will do all the things my cowardly nature balks at, what's not to like?

ZEPHYRUS: I think we're done here.

SAVANNA: Fine. I'll just go find some other sucker who will appreciate me and carry out my evil plans.
Way to leave him with a lasting image of your ~beauty, Savanna.

While Zeph had been settling in for what he thought would be a romantic evening with Savanna, Re finally heeded her mother's advice to hit up Eugi's and she did it all be herself! I'm so proud of my shy little princess.

Re really likes her formal wear dress as she seems rather stubborn about never changing out of it. I'm okay with that because it's really pretty.
REMEMBER: This isn't so bad. Just chilling at the shuffleboard table, all by myself, I can handle this.

I see a flaw in your plans, Re, and its name is Sid Alcott (sixamsims) aka your father. TO THE BAR!

Oh hai, Fluffy, nice to see you again. Far be it for Re to interrupt you mid-ramble to the bartender.
REMEMBER: omgomgomg what do I do? Okay, play it cool, just look calm, he's just on the other side of this guy . . .

BARTENDER: Can I get you something?
REMEMBER: Yes! I'm not sure what though . . . What would you suggest drinking to give someone the courage and confidence to go talk to the father she's never met?

BARTENDER: I don't get paid enough for this shit.

Re decides to meditate on what her next step should be.
REMEMBER: Deep breath in, deep breath out . . .

I guess her meditation led her to the inevitable conclusion that copious amounts of alcohol are the only way she's going to overcome her shyness in this situation?
REMEMBER: Don't judge.

REMEMBER: He's right there omgomgomg it's go-time.

REMEMBER: He-ey, so you're Sid Alcott, right?

SID: Do I know you?
REMEMBER: Well, technically . . . See, my mom says I haven't seen you since I was a toddler, so you don't really know-me know me, but you do know me.
SID: . . . What?

REMEMBER: My mom's Noro Crescendo. She came to Bridgeport for a while some years ago and she met you. And had me. I'm Remember, Remember Crescendo. Your, um, your daughter.

SID: Really? You're all grown up now, I can't even believe you're the same girl I last saw as a toddler with that big side ponytail . . . You're definitely your mother's daughter, I can see that right away.
REMEMBER: Yeah, I get that quite a bit. My mom said she thought all I got from you was my hair. I mean, that's pretty obvious, right?

REMEMBER: And hey, um, Sid, is it okay if we maybe sit down and talk sometime while I'm in Bridgeport? I'd like to get to know you.
SID: I'd like that too.

Awww, Re!

Sid had to leave (bit much for you, Sid?), leaving a very excited, very bubbly Remember in his wake. Who instantly pounced on Fluffy Mrmpfle to share her delight with, much to my delight.
REMEMBER: Look, I know we don't know each other, but can I share something with you?

REMEMBER: I just met my father tonight for the first time since I was about two years old! Can you believe that? It's just so exciting!

REMEMBER: I mean, thanks for listening to me, that felt - I mean, that was really nice of you. I'm going to head outside, get some air, want to join me?
Re! Coming out of her shell! At an opportune time too, might I add.

REMEMBER: I've, I've never really looked at the stars from Bridgeport before. Do you think the constellations, will they be the same as they are in Redcliffs?

REMEMBER: Oh, the stars are just beautiful tonight! It's just a beautiful night all around.

FLUFFY: Can I tell you a secret? The stars have got nothing on you in that department.

FLUFFY: I think you're just beautiful.

REMEMBER: Do-do you really mean that? That's really sweet of you.

Apparently Re's shy little kiss didn't quite do it for Fluffy, but she was only to happy to oblige him with something a bit more, oh, passionate.

I have never felt more like vayleen in writing this little bit of romance, but Re's want panel kind of dictated it. Whoa.

REMEMBER: Whoa, that was crazy! Like, super-crazy - like, THIS FACE-crazy!

FLUFFY: I don't know if it's that crazy. Maybe, like, this face-crazy.
I think Remember's shy trait kicked in, as she autonomously stood there pulling faces at Fluffy about four times in a row. D'awww, so adorably awkward.

Know what else would be crazy? Bringing Fluffy back to the Crescendos' Bridgeport abode. I think that's a bit of craziness I'll be more than happy to aid Re in. You're welcome, my dearest set of pixels.

REMEMBER: So, um, that's my bed. Um. I just. Um.
FLUFFY: Hey, are you nervous? It's okay, let me set some mood music, it'll relax you.

FLUFFY:Bunnies wanting to be fed, I meant honeys, oh forget it.
Don't know where Fluffy could've picked that up from, hey, simmply_anna?

Regardless, I think it worked.

Really worked.
FLUFFY: Are you sure about this?
REMEMBER: I, I don't think I've ever been more sure of anything.

GET IT GURL. Hey, she's young, she's got to live a little bit.

REMEMBER CRESCENDO! WHERE IS YOUR PROTECTION, YOUNG LADY? And why am I not surprised by your lack of it? *sigh*

Of course, she has to run to confide in Zeph as soon as she gets a moment to do so.
REMEMBER: Guess what? I met someone last night! And he is just about the nicest, most genuine, sweetest person I've ever met - present company excluded, of course, but he's pretty up there.
ZEPHYRUS: Wow, Re, you must've really hit it off with your dad; that's great!

REMEMBER: . . . Oh. You thought I was talking about my father. That's awkward.

REMEMBER: Um, well, yes, I did meet him as well and he seems fine, he's all right, I don't know, I didn't really get much of a chance to talk to him, but he seems well enough so far. But I also met a guy. A guy who's not related to me. And who may or may not be in my bed right now. So, there's that.

ZEPHYRUS: Wait. In your bed? That's moving pretty fast, Re . . .
REMEMBER: You were moving fast with Savanna, remember? And that worked out well for you, so why shouldn't it for me?
ZEPHYRUS: Um, yeah, about that - it didn't work out. At all. She turned out to be evil and just using me in her evil plans. She makes Chance look like a saint. There is no possibility of a future there. So.

REMEMBER: Oh. Well. Fluffy is not like that though. He's really nice, Zeph, and I think I really like him.

You know, Zeph, I think she may have heard about that. I think these two may be almost too close, I'm not sure they have any conversational boundaries. Even if they're not close in the way legendarysims would like.

Finding out just how high Fluffy is in that Kama Simtra skill, Re? Attagirl, don't let something like a pesky doorbell interrupt you now.

ZEPHYRUS: Hoshit, is this who I think it is?!

NEXT TIME, several questions will be posed and then answered! Questions such as will Re and Sid become a happy family unit? Or will Re and Fluffy, if Re is pregnant? And how about Zeph, will he ever find that true love his hopeless romantic trait makes him pine so desperately for? And will they ever do any of this outside of Bridgeport? WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Again, thank you so much for sticking with me through my sporadic updates. It really means a lot to me to have people reading and enjoying this along with me, so thanks to all of you for doing so. At least, I hope you're enjoying it. *gulp* But thank you! ♥

P.S. If you're so inclined to give a generation three Crescendo a home in your game, check the downloads page in about an hour RIGHT NOW for Zephyrus, Sunday, Emma Kate, and Remember, who will all be available there right away. Hurrah!
Tags: !sims, generation: three, legacy: crescendo

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  • queen bee: part seven

    Look! Another Queen Bee update, and so soon! FUN TIMES FOR ALL! XD Kendall Tempo (simmypulsey), you handsome beast. How YOU…

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