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17 August 2012 @ 09:50 pm
queen bee: part six  

Hey, if I can't be bothered to finish my legacy update (I really want to! I'm just bad at it!), at least I'm not horrible at Queen Bee updates, right? TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET, UNGRATEFUL WENCHES! ♥ Also, these are really cute Queen Bee spawnlets. Seriously. You have been warned.

And why are they so cute?

ohai thar, Milo Lucero (jossoco). Can he just . . . not with that face of his? HE IS TOO GORGEOUS I AM GOING TO DIE.

HAVEN: Hey, can I tell you something?
MILO: Um, we just met and all but I guess . . .

HAVEN: You are going to father six of my children right away. And I already have, like, thirty children too!

MILO: Oh, you're so funny!

HAVEN: . . . that wasn't a joke.
MILO: What?
HAVEN: What?

Sorry, Milo bb, totally not a joke. Because, on the other side of this tl;dr bait, there are children. Your children. Yay? Yay!

- All sims are in .sim format so just drop them into your Saved Sims folder and you'll be good to go. They don't have any CC included, but if you have the CC they're wearing, it will show up for you.
- Except for makeup. Because they ~don't need makeup to cover up. Which is to say, they're not wearing any makeup.
- They are wearing some eyes though. These ones: Shady's Multicolor eyes. Which are default eyes.
- They may also have, in lieu of makeup, facial sliders. Like these Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4 of MTS). If you don't have them, then just make sure you don't edit their features and you'll be good. Make sure you don't edit their features anyway - rules, yo. /Jesse Pinkman
- Ear sliders! CmarNYC's Pointed ears as CAS sliders.
- There are 100% freckles in this batch. Because I love freckles. Haven's freckled skin is Miss Skitty's Freckle Madness while Milo's is Freklz. Probably. No, no, it is. Don't worry.
- You can change any of their five traits! They're all random (I think?) so I promise I won't be offended if you change any. Especially because this batch liked to heckle people nonstop so they probably have some really horrible traits in there.

Okay, now onto the kids! Which are beautiful. Don't you want me to stop talking so you can see them? That'd be lovely, I'm sure.

Oh, no Mediafire downloads this time because Mediafire was being a hater. If there are any troubles with the box.net downloads, let me know, 'kay?

River Bumble-Lucero


Jayne Bumble-Lucero


Mal Bumble-Lucero


Zoe Bumble-Lucero


Inara Bumble-Lucero


Simon Bumble-Lucero

Rule #1: Don't change their facial structures. Rule #2: Don't claim them as your own - credit. Rule #3: Have fun!

Also, just because I thought this was cute, and because it was autonomously cute:

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set phasers to "LOVE ME"kittenmittons on August 23rd, 2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
UM, INCEST, PLAY INCEST. No! I'm totally joking! I 100% support you making another legacy for the sole pupose of having that bit of gorgeousness in the game. XD I'm glad you approve of your bb's bbs, bb! (lol, I had to keep going with that!) <3