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queen bee: part seven

Look! Another Queen Bee update, and so soon! FUN TIMES FOR ALL! XD

Kendall Tempo (simmypulsey), you handsome beast. How YOU doin'? (I gave him the Tron shirt because the colours matched his eyes and hair and I am easily amused. Just thought you all should know.)

HAVEN: Hey there, want to make some babies that are genetically dominated by your genetics?

KENDALL: Hmm, well, that does sound like fun!
Have at 'er!

Oh, you guys want to have at the children as well? GET PAST THIS WALL OF TEXT THEN.

- .sim format. No CC included, but they'll show up with any that you already have. BOOM.
- Also, they are not wearing any make-up. Letting that natural beauty shine through!
- They do have default eyes though, the fantastic Shady's Multicolor eyes.
- I do use facial sliders: Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4 of MTS). If you, however, do not use facial sliders, then fear not! They should show up as if they have their proper sliders, unless you try to edit their faces. Which, why, pray tell, would you be doing that?
- I'm not totally sure if these kids use ear sliders, but, just in case, may I direct you to CmarNYC's Pointed ears as CAS sliders?
- We are not big on skin tone diversity in this batch, as absolutely everyone is sporting Miss Skitty's Freckle Madness .
- They do all come with five traits, but they're chosen at random, so I promise that I won't be offended if you change their traits because 1. they probably have some horrible traits in there, and 2. I don't even know what their traits are at this point.

Oh, hey, you survived the wall of text. Well, then, I suppose you deserve some sims - get to it!

Still no Mediafire links this go since I uploaded these guys at the same time as the last batch, when Mediafire was being a venerable douche-twat. So,, it's all up to you.

Tyene Bumble-Tempo


Loras Bumble-Tempo


Rhaegar Bumble-Tempo


Robb Bumble-Tempo


Edmure Bumble-Tempo


Oberyn Bumble-Tempo

You guys know the drill: have fun, credit, and don't modify the faces. Otherwise, go nuts!

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